¿What's VentureMp3?

Venture Mp3 is the first USB/SD Interface developed for Yamaha Motorcycles. Once plugged in the CD changer input (cassette deck or amplifier) of motorcycles Yamaha Royal Star Venture, lets you listen to MP3 through the audio system of the original motorcycle, being handled through the handlebar controls and behaving similarly the original CD changer.

Direct connection, digital audio quality with no loss of sound.

MP3 chip decoder, amplified for higher quality audio. Recommended Bitrate: 192 Kbps or higher.

Supports SD card and USB flash drives. Manage up to 6 virtual Cd’s (or folders) with 99 songs each.

Wire with ON/OFF switch

Easy installation. Plug and play.

Dimensions: 8 x 7 x 2.4 cm. Weight 112 grms.

Power supply: 12 VDC

2 Years Warranty

Watch video on Youtube (English). Thanks to Bill Madole

Watch video on Youtube (Russian). Thanks to Alexander Burluka


Kit components

  • 1 Central unit VentureMp3.
  • 1 ON/OFF switched wire and rubber grommet.
  • 5 flanges..
  • 1 piece of Velcro (adhesive).
  • 1 User manual.



The VentureMp3 installation is very easy. You can plug in the cassette deck or directly to the amplifier. You don't need cd changer. Only wire, plug and play.

How to use

VentureMp3 handles like the CD changer.

- Once created the folders, and plugged the SD card or USB drive into its housing, we turns ON the audio system by pressing "AUDIO" button, with a short press (less than one second).

- Repeatedly press (short presses) the "AUDIO" button to select the "CD changer" in the following sequence.

- The display will then display two digits. First on the left corresponds to the CD’s number (or folder), while the second shows the track number. In the example would be playing CD06, Track 3

- Change Cd: Long pressing button with arrow keys UP / DOWN

- Change song: Short pressing button with arrow keys UP / DOWN


¿How to order?

Send us by email your full data and delivery address. We will reply with the paypal data account where you must make payment. if you prefer to pay by bank transfer to our account, indicate it in the email.

Once receipt the pay, we will ship the order and tracking number. Delivery time take about 10/15 days by USPS, delivery signed-for.

Price: VentureMp3 122 USD + Shipping cost by Postal mail (signed-for) 20 USD + Paypal fee 7 USD (fee + money exchange rates).